Plans for horses

The weather has started to cool for fall so the time spent with horses will now increase. As I worked all of them today, I realized that I have three different horses in completely different places, which makes the work exciting and interesting but also challenging.

Z is ready for more challenge. She is highly tuned in to me and what I ask, though her temperment continues to demand adjustments. After the chiro appt. it’s clear she has a lot of pain and it has not been fixed with one appt.; my hope is to have her done in October, November, January and February.

In the next two months, I’m hoping to get her moved out to the trail for ground driving and continue to expose her to new environments while expecting compliance. We continue to work with the neckrope both in and out of the arena and that has been exciting and interesting.

Gameplan is for her to leave for the trainer in March 2011 for riding training. She’ll be gone 60-90 days. By the time she comes back I want to have hired an assistant, not only to help me with her, but also to start doing a lot of the mundane chores that are draining my endurance due to my health issues and school schedule.

Big T is back in rehab mode. After showing improvement, now he’s gone backwards physically and I think that I need to realize that he needs, at his age and body type, continual work. Today I put him back into ground rehab with walk-trot-slow (half halting in trot)-go (impulsion back into bigger trot) and over a cavaletti pole. Like Z, I’m working him out in the Commons area to “wake him up” as he has grown jaded to arena work.

Because of his years of training and use as a school horse, Big Guy is harder to get back into shape and for him to move properly. However, I was very surprised by him today as he sought me out and obviously was saying, “let’s do something!” Hm… maybe he has found his retirement not all that he thought it was going to be?

I was also really amazed at how smoothly he went over the caveletti at trot. Most times he has dodged out or tried to jump them at trot so I am hoping this is a sign that he hasn’t slid back on his fitness as much as I thought.

This weekend he’ll be back under saddle so two days riding, two days rehab is my plan now. I also would like to get him out on the trail because he perks up a lot out there and starts to stride out.


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