The Big Man surprises (again)

Rode my TB, Big Guy today. I wasn’t expecting much as he has had soundness issues all summer due to injuries and all the post- pelvic fracture rides has shown clear unevenness that I figured was here to stay.

However, once again he proves me wrong.

Which I am quite happy about! In this instance I love being proved wrong!

Thursday, he showed quite clearly he wanted to hang out with me. Okay… maybe he just wanted some food or something…? Yet, I seized the opportunity (and having the okay from the vet), worked him in the open commons area on the slow-go game of half-halting on the lunge and then over a cavaletti.

Today, after mounting (and reminding him only once to stand still), he showed me that he was ripping to go. No hesitation at the walk and really I couldn’t detect the unevenness that I was still experiencing two months ago when I rode (before the teeth bashing incident).

At trot, I was amazed that again, no sign of the unevenness that we’ve been experiencing ever since the pelvis fracture back in Jan. 09. Both sides were as even as they do get with him (he’s not the most straight or even horse to begin with so you have to cut him some slack there). Most of all there was not the leaning into the inside that he had been doing so badly throughout the summer rides.

I had set up two single cavaletti in the middle of the arena off-setted by some barrels. In the past, he has never gone quietly over cavaletti but they are the easiest exercise for him to raise his back. Today, he went over all of these with no hesitation today and acted like he never thought of jumping them (because of his history as a jumper, he likes to hop over even a pole on the ground rather then just lift his legs higher).

As we worked he started his grunting – this is something that he does and maybe it’s common to geldings… he does these deep grunt-grunt-grunt vocalizations that aren’t quite a snort or a blow, and only does them when he is completely relaxed and into his groove of working. The grunts are also in rhythm with his trot….

I got a lot of grunting vocalizations, some snorts and breath, which I imitated in the saddle by blowing and snorting myself – which made him repeat it all over again! LOL! I draw the line though at grunting. I don’t think I could make that noise he does in a million years. My grunting would probably make me fall out of the saddle.

He was also flopping his ears sideways which I’ve never noticed before. They pointed outwards and then flopped forward or back, again in rhythm with his gait. Just so cute I had to laugh.

Tomorrow, if the weather stays as beautiful we will attempt canter. That is the gait I really expect the unevenness to surface since his fracture was on the right side. Though I would love to be surprised again!

Can’t wait to see how he does!

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