chiro for Z

Z had a chiropractic appointment on Saturday. It went far better then the first appointment a month ago and everyone escaped from it uninjured. šŸ˜›

She was less sore then the month previous but still, in my mind, a lot of work needs to be done.

At this point, I am unsure if she will ever make a riding horse. She is so overreactive about anything on her back or touching her back, riding or being on her back is an obviously dangerous activity. However, I would rather not jump to judgment just yet; time is fluid around horses.

My plan at this point is to continue chiro until April when she will be sent to the trainer that I have picked out for her. After 90 days with him, I’ll re-evaulate what we’ll be doing.

I also had Dee evaluated and there is definite soreness with her also just as I suspected. Not as bad as with Z, but enough that she will be done in November as well as Z.

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