Buying horse hay

In the past, when I’ve self-cared, I’ve bought my own hay and it is a hassle primarily because I don’t have a vehicle to haul it. All the bro-haha about the hay, getting it and storing it, this go around has made me re-think where if I will stay through to another winter where I currently board.

To date:

4 round bales – one for each horse pasture, in the months of November and December. If I’m still at FS next winter, I want to put out round bales starting in September, making a purchuse of 8 total.

170 square bales – these were smaller then average and priced accordingly. In the future, I want to go with the heavier bales as these collaspe too easily and don’t pack the punch.

Since I’ve added another horse this winter, I am not quite sure this will be enough to take me to April, and hence why I added the round bales. With the round bales available, the square will only be fed if the winter hits or non-stop rain so I figure we won’t go through much until about mid-December.

It’s getting late to buy hay but I would feel more comfortable with more. I might look into getting some alfalfa to add into the grass hay bales I have stored now.

Funny story about hay – I had bought my winter supply and stored it in a metal semi trailer that the BO kept on the property. There was a small access door from the pony’s paddock, which attached to the barn.

One day the BO saw all the horses staring at the container so he moseyed over there to check it out. Pandora had gotten into the small door and was trotting about on the two bale high stacked hay! He got her out and when we came out the next day there were a bunch of tiny hoofprints all over the top of the hay. 🙂

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