More possible retirement homes

I  spent the morning to afternoon checking on the two possible retirement positions for the Big Guy.

Situation #1: I really liked the guy and the property is beautiful. Of concern though is the possible love-triangle because BG would be the third horse of a “married” pair (gelding and mare). I foresee trouble with that since he will muscle in on the girl.

Also, the BO had told me he would not be willing to do more then feed. Any other care would be up to me and it being 45 minutes from me would not be something that I could do on my own on a regular basis.

Situation #2: Simply not enough shelter for the amount of horses she has on the property. Also, I don’t believe the pasture is adequate.

Really though like the town and countryside where these two properties are located so it is something to keep in mind when we start house/farm shopping.

Now, I have in my email box two other possible situations: Situation #3 and #4. Both are pastures which the BO will trade out handyman labor and investment for stabling. I have to see them both before I can decide though both are located far closer to me.

Situation #3: Big plus is that it is VERY close to my home location. Needs a new fence, and pasture/grass maintenance. Has a shelter, actually a barn. Owners live on property and will feed. Has already agreed to have a contract which is a big plus on any sort of tradeout; basically board would be free in compensation and they would feed twice a day my feed and hay.

The only issue is that BG would need a companion so if this would be a good place, I need to find a partner with a horse that is compatible with mine.

Situation #4: Another pasture which needs additional improvements. This one needs more stuff – including shelter and tack room. Owner would give board and feeding in compensation. They have one horse (a mare) that would be sharing.

I’m only a bit more leery about this because what the BO wants me to buy is rather a lot. And once it is there, getting it back or getting compensated will be tough unless there is a contract. Well, let me put it this way I won’t do it without a contract (been there, done that, have the t-shirt and the Lowes bill to prove it).

Visited the horses today, and Big Guy has gained a SMALL amount of his weight back. But it is no where to the point where it needs to be so still working on it. He is making his way slowly through his round bale, vs. the two girls who have torn their own apart LOL!

Both bales are located at the far end of the pasture, then their shelter or their water, in order to force them to move about. That seemed to be working, as the girls walked down for water after coming back from their work with me and then walked back the far fence to the hay bale.

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