Barn design: retirement location update

After spending most of this wonderful day indoors doing online biology and math homework, I checked out Situation #3.

Remember Situation #3? I went to look at it today and it could be a real possibility.

It’s only 8 minutes from hubby’s work, and less then 20 from home. It has shelter but no electricity or water. The owner is willing to put in the water, and we could use the same trench to run electricity (primarily for a light at the run-in shed and a tank de-icer).

The fence is not great but it would be serviceable and replaceable bit by bit if we put up electric for now; charged by a solar panel, with battery backup.

Two issues to discuss and figure out a solution for: hay storage and companionship for Big Guy because he would be way too lonely if there by himself.

Working checklist:

1.) Run-in shed would need installation and plywood liner. Also stall mats with gravel footing underneath.

2.) Installation of electric at run-in shed – our cost.

3.) Installation of water at run-in shed – owners cost.

4.) Paddock fencing at the front of property for an area to close off. Wooden posts with fencing. Would need at least one gate, possibly more.

5.) Back end of property needs a gate.

6.) Perimeter fencing would eventually need improvement.

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