Barn design: Extending an existing loafing shed

If we move Big Guy, the existing loafing shed at the future property will need to be enlarged to fit two horses and to feed them separately. There is a 12×12 cover on one side and a feed room area next to it. The plan we have come up with is to extend on the other side of the feed room with another run-in shelter (12×12), leaving the feed room in the middle.

This photo (below) shows the front of the current building. To the left is the run-in shed (12×12) that exists now, and to the right is the feed room, with a door entrance from the interior sidewall. If we re-do it, the front of the feed room will have an exterior door for entrance, an elevated front porch built of railroad ties and an exterior porch light.

The photo below shows the interior wall between the existing 12×12 run-in and the feed room. If we re-do it, there will be a plywood barrier, 4′ high, and then an opening to reach from the feed room over to feed the horse. This would allow anyone to feed without entering the horse area, important because the landowners are not horse savvy.

This photo below, shows the wall condition inside the existing 12×12 run-in shed. If we redo, it will have a layer of insulation and then a plywood, 4′ high, kickboard. This photo makes it look a bit more horrible then it actually is – the boards are very sound except for a few cosmetic repairs.

In the re-do we will be duplicating the roof structure and construction of the existing shelter. Photos (such as the one below) can help the DIY person get a handle on how much lumber and how it would be constructed.

Tentative Lumber List:

4: 4x4x12 posts (treated)

9: 2x6x14 (roof rafters)

2: 2x6x12 (roof end caps)

5: 2x6x12 (roof overhang in front)

4: 2x4x12 (roof overhang in front)

4: 2x4x12 (back wall, vertical runners)

8: 4×8 plywood sheets (stall #1 and 2) interior wall lining

8: 4×8 plywood sheets (stall #2 roof)

3: 80# bags of cement

Recycle the lumber on the east wall and move to back north wall of Stall #2.

Top view with post layout and dimensions. Black squares are the new posts needed.

The side section, giving heights and slopes:

Below is the interior view of the new back wall in Stall #2. It shows the vertical rails needed for mounting the exterior wall board and interior plywood.

The plywood sheeting layout for the roof in Stall #2. Dotted line shows bend in roof at front.

I’ll do the price out sometime this week. If we do go through with the move, I’ll post construction photos as the new side is built.

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