BigTrainer Conundrum

There is a strange conundrum presented when famous (or want to be famous) horse people put their ideas into print or media: people may actually use those ideas! That may sound great to you and me, the layperson, but to those trying to protect copyright, it’s not.

I have not (yet) received a cease and desist order but it’s always within the realm of possibility.

For example, I had done some Tellington-Jones (TTEAM) exercises on Youtube and after someone from the Carolyn Resnick camp gave me a gentle warning about something I posted referencing the Waterhole Rituals on Youtube, I contacted the Tellington-Jones camp and asked if that was okay to have posted about TEAM materials. For the Tellington-Jones camp it was, as they actually encourage people to use their methods and share it. It’s one reason that Linda Tellington-Jones is one of the few Big Name Trainers I highly respect (though probably is why she isn’t as well known – she actually has morals).

When it came to the Carolyn Resnick camp, those few emails got me extremely gunshy so I took down any reference to her. Many of the things she prescribes to be her exclusive “learned from the wild mustangs” camp has been used by other trainers for just as long, if not longer, and I have my own time-date-stamped blog that shows I did some of those things naturally before ever learning her name.

However, because of a personal hibby-jibby feeling I have had ever since about those communications and the vibe I got during her online conference, it is why you no longer see anything on this blog referencing her or her methods.

Now with Klaus Hempfling, who I much admire yet have no money to fly to Europe or time/money to spend the summer training under, I have also played with some of his concepts, trying to find that elusive magic.

After all he now has at least three published books and several videos, as well as his Youtube channel… but… a few months back I had received some very nasty emails via Youtube (not from him or any of his representatives that I am aware of) about how I was puffing myself up and I was nothing like Hempfling and how dare I!!?? I even got bitched out in a foreign language – a German. With the internet capability of translation that comment was identified and trashed.

However, the person who really amused me, was the Youtube stalker who just knew how to train horses so much better then I but who had an account COMPLETELY EMPTY of any videos! When I told her that if she knew how to do it, why isn’t she taping herself, I was told that it was going to happen “soon.” Guess what? Months later – still no videos.

Which got me to scratching my head because I have never ever pretended to be trained or endorsed by him (I’m not – go read the About section of this blog)… and if I was that damn good, I would be making a living at it and not be inching may way through school to become a Vet Tech.

Anyway, let’s return back to the trainer who wants to retain a copyright or property rights to ideas (well first of all in the U.S. that isn’t even possible). It’s understandable that someone should earn money and a living off of their own ideas. And it’s understandable that they would want some sort of control over the dissimiation of those ideas. Quite understandable that they wouldn’t want every screwed up Horse person running about saying they are the Real Deal when they are just a Nut Job or Con Man.

However, to make money people need to know about them… and that is where books, videos, Youtube and word of mouth makes this possible. You cannot make a reputation or money in a vacum.

So where falls the honest horse person who reads a published work – views a published video – and thinks “wow! I would like to try that and then share what I did with others to find out what they think”?

So when I get a little bitter about all of this, I hope gentle reader understands that I can’t just do what I want – say what I want, or even critique anything because there always lurks the person (and their lawyer) who wants to snatch back what they put out there for public consumption.

I try to be respectful of those I admire, and for those I don’t admire I keep my thoughts mostly private.

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