Friesians exist to let us know God does

It’s been terribly cold here – overnight lows of -3 and 6 degrees F. The days staying low too until today when we hit 60! Woohoo! So off to the horses. Daughter got to ride the Barn Owners’ Friesian mare and here are some cute pics of them.

A visitor we had a few months back told me, while staring at the Friesians, that their existences was a sure sign of God’s.

Daughter has never let me forget that she, at five, broke her arm on pony. Because of it she has not had the courage to ride much. We also have not owned a horse that I felt 100 percent she could use as she was too small to ride Dear One during her career, the Arab was too flighty, and T-man really takes a person who can ride.

When Roy didn’t work out for Daughter, the BO graciously offered a few rides on her Friesian mare and today they even did out of the arena riding! Once she was feeling confident, she also rode the App pony too who is much quicker and energetic. I was very proud of her today and tried not to interfere too much and just let her listen to the BO’s directions as well as enjoying the ride with the BO’s daughter.

You don’t know what a big step in confidence this is for her but the big mare took care of her and made sure she had a good ride.

She really wants to go trail riding…*GULP!*

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