when girls are involved!

Because of Big Guy’s age (18) and his history of the pelvic fracture, the BO has in her mind that he is an old crippled horse that shouldnt’ do anything, let alone trot about 🙂

I’ve tried to tell her differently. He’s not that old. And when girls are involved, he’s like any male and forgets his physical liabilities. He is extremely possessive of females that he considers his, and thus why I’ve wanted to move him into a gelding-only herd this entire year.

Imagine her surprise then, when yesterday, she was moving horses about to new shelters, and she tried to remove Big Guy from his Women. He did not want to go and ended up rearing on her! Then in the barn was so agitated he ended up rearing again!

Today, she has shuffled everyone back to where they belong and though it might not be ideal, it’s best in terms of emotional stability for all concerned.

ETA now that she added Dee back to Z, Z attacked her. This is why I am against moving horses about. Herd relationships are established and moving them during a huge storm, when there is a change in the horses’ environment that is extreme, is only going to contribute to their worry, resulting in tension, and perhaps even colics.

Damn, I am pissed I can’t get out there to deal with this.

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2 Responses to when girls are involved!

  1. Debbie Thomas says:

    I wish I had a place for Big Guy

    • horseideology says:

      me too 😦 I have gone around and around about renting another property but then I would need to have someone live there and just can’t afford that on top of the house payment.

      Hey – a snow plow just went down the road – I think the Housing Assoc. must have paid for it as I’ve never seen a plow down here before….

      how are you doing where you are at? I need to get out of this house – going stir crazy already!

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