more hay feeders built

We built a hay feeder that hooked over the wooden stall partition using hooks and without a back. It’s working out okay though, Big Guy is still pulling from the top instead of the front. When I have time and weather permits, we will be going out and moving it to the other wall, which will mount it higher, be easier to access for haying from the barn area, and hopefully will force him to eat through the grid.

Meanwhile, the hay feeders for the girls needed to mount on the metal rods of the existing partition between the stalls and the hay. It would also call for a back on the rack, since that wall is not solid (orange is a gate that is resting against this area – wooden post, below, mounted the new wooden stall partition seen in the above photo).

Here they are (photos show it unmounted, on it’s side):

The  2′ x 4′ grids in the front are wall racks bought from a fixtures store (provides display racks for retail) and were about $15 each. They have 2″ x 2″ hole openings for the horses to “slow feed” – this means it takes longer for the horse to pull out the hay (too small and they wouldn’t be able to get the hay – too large and they get the hay too quickly).

The double hooks are to hang it from the top horizontal metal rod on the partition.

I went with pegboard as the backing. The holes will allow me to insert large zip-ties which will allow me to lock down the back of the hay feeder on a lower horizontal metal rod thus preventing the horses from nosing and flipping it up. That’s the plan anyway.

The bottom is slatted to allow hay debris to drop through for easier cleaning. The grid edges are protected with facing to prevent horses from getting poked in the face. The V shape, forces hay to fall forward on the grid (or again, that’s the plan).

These will hang higher which will discourage top feeding. If you really want to force slow feeding, the top would need to have a grid too to prevent big grabs by the horses’ mouth.

The BO is picking them up today and I’ll post photos of them next time I’m at the barn – which may be awhile since we are getting hit by snow – again – later this evening.

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