winter horse hay 2010-11

To date:

9 round bales – one horse goes through one bale in one month if there is not inclement weather to deal with. 2 horses need 2 bales in one month.

2011-2012 projections: for 3 horses feeding from October to April (7 months) = 21 bales at $30 per bale, $630.

This includes additional bales during low grass periods. If Big Guy is moved into a semi-full care, the hay buying would be the responsiblity of the BO.

170 square bales – would not have been enough to get the 3 horses through with them alone. I really did not like the light skimpiness of these bales (though they were priced accordingly at $2 per bale).

I would project another 80 square bales per horse for the entire winter as auxilary feed to the round bales @ 240 bales x $5 = $1200. Personally, I would rather like to go with alfalfa but I don’t think I could afford it.

What it comes down to is: am I saving money by paying for my own hay? I am doubtful and that is why I started tracking this in the blog.

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