my morning

At 5 a.m. I woke up to a thundering heart, tears in my eyes, and the memory of a horrible nightmare far too clear in my mind.

From seemingly nowhere, I had a dream that the BO was transporting Z and one of her ponies. While we went up the huge hill that I drive on alot, the trailer came unhitched. In a separate car, I watched while the trailer flipped over twice and landed on it’s side on the road.

I ran over and the pony was fine. I asked my son to check Z and he told me she was dead.

This dream has many different symbolic meanings that are easily explained but first, I must explain to those who don’t know me well, that my dream life is intense or as my husband says, my subconsicous likes to play out the Worst Case Scenario such as a dream I had early in our marriage when my husband was a serial killer and he wanted me to help him dispose of some barrels in the basement… 😛

What does this dream mean?

I feel personality wise that Z and I have a lot in common; the next horse I feel closest too in “self” is the pony. In this dream, while the horses are being moved (we are considering moving in real life) one is killed – the symbology of what I feel we will lose through the move, especially if husband and I have to separate for awhile so son (see dream) stays here with me so he can graduate from high school.

It took me an hour to get back to sleep and then it was a dream that a tornado was coming down our road, wiping out rows of telephone/electrical poles and igniting houses… woke up and went back to sleep to dream about another natural disaster that started involving a bridge (a returning icon in dreams that show that I am very disturbed).

The rest of the day – by 9:30 a.m., hubby came home with his back in pulsing pain. Took him to the Urgent Care (which I’m getting to know a bit too frigging well), and found out that he had a kidney stone. Re-grouped at home for an hour and took him to his regular doctor, while I picked up our son from school. Returned to pick him up hubby and drop off his three new meds – one narcotic for pain, one for nauseau and another.

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2 Responses to my morning

  1. It’s quite a presumption to try and interpret the dream of another so I hope that you don’t mind me expressing a few thoughts. How relevant they are is something that only you can tell.

    You are planning to move. Is your unconscious afraid that something beyond your control will stop the move happening or spoil it? Harm to the horses is a potent expression by your unconscious that will grab your attention. Seeing yourself in another vehicle suggests that you see yourself not in control. I sense also that you don’t trust others, the terrain being familiar so you would have coped without mishap were you hauling the trailer.

    From what you have told me when you haven’t been in control problems have occured so your unconscious has been expressing a real and meaningful fear.

    The bridge perhaps represents transition to a new life. If it is destroyed then you may not be able to pass across to the other side. You are keen to move and not being able to is a real fear.

    Maybe the fact that you are making plans serves to draw these images from your unconscious. Your inner being wants to work through what might happen and remembers past problems. If they become clear to you through dreams then you can use rational conscious thought to guard against problems and to reassure yourself.

    I hope that these thoughts are helpful.

    • horseideology says:

      Definitely J these are insightful applications to the dream too. I don’t like things “spinning out of my control” – and we are right now at the whim of external forces: companies calling back, husband handlng his email or applying, and our finances.

      Many things have been happening in regards to it, and I am definitely worrying and handling some fear when it comes to the future.

      In the real world, I had been talking to the BO about getting Z trailer trained and of course we are approaching a time I had planned on her being at the trainer.

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