trailer training

I have about three weeks before Z leaves to the trainer. Everytime she has gotten on a trailer some Big Event has happened in her life:

  • Got on the trailer and left her mother and family behind to join me.
  • Within a month of that was on a trailer with Big Guy to a temporary abode for 3 months.
  • Then from there to a place we lived for about 14 months.
  • And then again, a move to where we are today, FR.

My friend, Molly, has agreed to help me out (and I’m paying her a bit to offset the inconvenience) and we will be working on trailer loading skills tomorrow and then two more times before her final trip on March 16. Her trailer is a very nice slant load which will be a great ride in terms of quiet, ventilation, and smoothness.

At this time, I plan on taking Big Guy in the trailer down to the trainer, and while Z remains, he will return the same day. It’s a long trip for him but she will feel more secure to have him with her.

OTOH, Dee, left behind, will probably have a very, very bad day. 😦

P.S. note to self – call vet Monday and arrange for a new Coggins for Z.

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