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the pleasure of horses

Being with the horses gives me the most pleasure I’ve ever had in my life. This includes my relationship with my husband or my children. I’m sorry if they take that as insult, but horses provide me something that human … Continue reading

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Equi-Spot application

Last summer after my horses got eaten alive by ticks, I started using Equi-spot. I was very doubtful that it would work but was extremely happy about the results as the tick population on my horses went down to one … Continue reading

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researching horse people

Before the days of the internet, the only way to research a person in the horse industry was by word of mouth. The problems with this is that 1.) some people are reluctant to “bad-mouth” another person so they may … Continue reading

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Barn design: My Ideal Wash Rack for horses

Here I will go into detail about the washrack I would specifically build for my own place. 1.) I would place it outside the barn aisle. In my area of the country, most bathing takes place on those long summer … Continue reading

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3rd trailer session

After all the bro-haha of the second trailer loading session, I really didn’t know what I was going to get Session 3. I felt bad – did I overstep the line in making Z work? She had seemed really pissed … Continue reading

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