3rd trailer session

After all the bro-haha of the second trailer loading session, I really didn’t know what I was going to get Session 3. I felt bad – did I overstep the line in making Z work? She had seemed really pissed off at me and I don’t know that we parted as friends the other day.

Not that this was an excuse, but the weather on Session 2 had been a bit weird. We had that heavy moist feeling in the air, and wind that suddenly blew up and then went dead. That evening we had tornados to the south of us and to the north (where hubby is interviewing) they had snow, followed by a thunderstorm with thunder/lightning, followed by hail.

Horses do know these things and the whole group had been a bit excitable Session 2.

When I showed up, she was in the shelter, staying close to her BFF Dee who is now separated by a fenceline. I called and wondered if she would come to me. At the second call, her head bobbed up and she thought, “oh, mommy is here” and headed down the fenceline to me.

Dee was quicker on getting to me so I gave her some carrots. Pandora pony has taught me the power of jealousy – strong minded horses do not like to see their rivals getting something they did not – and as I’ve written before that has helped me in worming the pony. Z hurried her step when she saw there was a carrot handout happening that didn’t involve her.

Z got a carrot for coming and when haltering her she seemed to be the horse that I really knew – calm, confident but relaxed and happy to be with people.

I wonder how she would approach the trailer? I had already opened the door so after haltering, we left the pasture and she walked without hesitation right up to it. I sat on the trailer and gave her some more carrots. She was actually standing quite close to the trailer edge so obviously all the stuff that happened during Session 2 did not scare her a bit.

I didn’t have the trailer hitched to a truck, so all we could do was move around it and I decided to risk her putting the front legs only onto the trailer floor. Any more weight and I did not feel the trailer would be stable enough.

As soon as I stepped up into the trailer she gave me front feet on the trailer floor. We did it twice with calm backing and then left the area to do a short walk and visit with the ponies.

Coming back to the trailer did not excite her. She wanted to stay and do something more fun – such as taking a walk on the trail (which I promise we will do tomorrow when my schedule becomes more free). Overall, though she gave in relatively quickly and we went back to the trailer to repeat the initial work.

Then I backed her up so I could close the trailer door. We moved around to the side so I could hop up on the fender and close the window – she gave me an eyeball about WTH did I think I was doing? but stood still.

Then off for another walk to sniff everyone’s poop and see if that indeed is grass coming back.

Totally different then Session 2 but isn’t that the way with horses?

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