Summer Camp for Z!

Finally was able to coordinate with everyone, including my finances, and get Z sent down to the trainer I had selected for her. Yesterday was a very long day and when I got home I hit the bed and slept like a rock. So today I’ll fill you in on yesterday’s events….

Molly came over at about 10 with her trailer. We had worked Z several times about entering the trailer this month so I didn’t expect any really big problems. However, because a former horse (Red) had flipped over in a straight load – onto her back – the shock of that has stayed in my mind.

While I have worked Z on being tied, that was some time ago back at our old Boarding facility. Our current boarding barn does not have a tie post – only cross ties. Sometimes when a horse hits the end of a rope that doesn’t give they panic and of course that panic can become hysteria that ends up like Red. However, Z has never shown any pulling resistance to pressure – while she may not move, she has never fought it, flinging herself backwards.

Thankfully, though the entire trailer ride (almost 3 hours) was completely uneventful. When she came off I was also glad to see that she was not sweated up as the last trip (from 3HF to FR, our current facility) she had been soaked with sweat even traveling with Big Guy.

The trainer’s place is not much and I would have been far more wary except I had heard some great things from several different people who did not know each other…. and Molly had also heard some good recommendations from others.

We hung out and talked for a short bit and then we led Z over to his roundpen. RH immediately started getting to know her. I think this was smart as he was approaching Z when she was still wary and uncertain- he was establishing the guidelines immediately of how they would be interacting together and what they would be doing.

He touched her with some of his equipment and let her get used to all his gadgets that made noise or rattled. Z behaved like the champ I knew she would be – not at all spooky (though I was surprised she was sensitive about her ears – that passed though). She was more interested in the horses that were all around her then RH but he eventually got her to focus on him.

He GOT ON HER BACK! yeah! and she didn’t do anything – later he saddled her and got on her that way too. There wasn’t what you would call riding – they just stood there and he asked her to give to some pressure.

The whole encounter was a resounding success and I was very proud of my little girl. We put her in a larger pen with a sorrel Arab mare and a black Freisan. The Freisan and Z had already formed a Bad Girls Club and outed the Arab in the time it took to unload her feed.

So it’s done and she is gone… and RH is thinking I can pick her up in 30 days…which would be marvelous! (we shall see….)

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