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Balancing the Sweet Spot: labor

After managing a deluxe 40 stall barn for a year, I can tell you what is going to be the demise of the large, premium stables – labor. The amount of labor involved in managing the Hell Barn was substantial … Continue reading

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Balancing the Sweet Spot: feed

Another recent web search that got someone to my blog was the search “barn manager arrogance.” ROFLMAO! I’ve been called a bitch far too many times to mention, and this is why barn managers seem to hate me: I expect … Continue reading

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hiring barn staff (part 1)

If you are looking to hire someone to help you at the barn, here are some things I’ve discovered over the years that is helpful to know when it comes to age groups of your workers: 1.) Anyone 15 years … Continue reading

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Dealing with gossiping horse barns

This search phrase “how to enjoy a barn with gossip and politics” brought someone to my blog recently. Probably they found me due to my last barn manager post, though I would like to give you some tips for those … Continue reading

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the role of the barn manager

I will probably be writing a series about boarding barns and barn managers but for now I want to make a very simple and clear statement of the job of a barn manager (and in many cases the owner): the … Continue reading

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