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retirement home photos

I’ve been as pleased as punch with Big Guy’s new retirement home. It’s only $125 and I’m getting plenty of grass, he’s being fed twice a day, has shelter, a pond and a low-key gelding companion. And best of all: … Continue reading

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Barn design: 4-stalls, L-shaped with flow

While at Molly’s place, I took some photos of her setup on five, wooded acres designed for a home stable run by 1-2 people. What I like about her design is that it makes it easy for one person to … Continue reading

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DD riding lesson

I’ve worked out some thing so DD can have some riding lessons with Molly. While she’s done lunge lessons with me, I’ve never had a horse I felt was safe enough for her to really feel confident with. This summer … Continue reading

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horse training with a team

When I arrived, Z was saddled and waiting in the roundpen. RH was off on a trail ride. This is a typical western cultural, horse training¬†idea where the horse is expected to wait (I actually call it the Cowboy Wait). … Continue reading

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visiting Z’s trainer (under the tarp)

Molly took one of her horses down to Z’s trainer, RH and I hitched a ride. It gave me time to see Z worked as well as two other horses.

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