visiting z

This weekend we went down to the Land of Red Earth to connect up with Z’s trainer, RH. Saturday was our personal recreation day and as it happened the city was having a festival with some local vendors. We took the time to walk through the historic downtown and ended up buying a small table to serve as the vanity for the powder room. We also got to see the musical, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, performed at the local, live theatre which capped the night’s fun.

However, we woke up Sunday to rain which later had a brief hailstorm and a bit of lightening. Seeing Z being worked was not going to happen.

We did get to visit with the trainer and check her out. She looks a bit thinner, which I expected, but also a bit more muscular. I think she is going through another growth spurt! So when she returns I will put her back on Triple Crown Growth.

She was also more reserved and a bit distant. I think she is being made to behave with no quarter being given by RH. Which, really, is the way it needs to be at this stage in the game. There were no marks on her belly from spurs and she wasn’t shy about her head etc… it was just like being around a child that knows they better be good or else!

(according to the AC hubby she knows RH demands good behavior and she is learning lots but wants TO COME HOME!!! ~ )

She is being walked, trotted and cantered (though rough – not consistent in her rhythm) on trails so will know the basics when she returns home June 1st.

I’ll work her through the summer, with possible a different trainer in the fall to bring her further along. We shall see.

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