companionship in retirement

I got a call from my horse friend, DH, late last week. She wanted to know more about Big Guy’s retirement home because she has decided to put her Arabian,*R*, on pasture rest, and, at a later date, give him a lighter riding schedule.

For the last four years, she has tried to get *R* prepared for competitive trail and/or competition riding. Invariably, he comes up backsore or lame. I won’t go into all his health history or my opinions about it, but myself and the friend she rides with has tried to convince her for some time that this is not a riding vocation is he is well suited for.

She is looking for a second horse, wants to keep *R* but needs him in a cheaper place where he will be resting. BG’s place is about 8 miles down the road where she now boards, (which has an indoor riding arena) so she could trailer him over to ride as she plans on boarding the new horse at her current boarding facility.

Which means he may join BG at his place.  I hope so because *R* and he gets along and I know the type of personality that *R* is and that would go well with the type of herd I want BG to be kept in.

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