retirement is good

This morning I had some errands to do on the south side of town, which put me in a good position to visit Big Guy at his new retirement home.  When I pulled up in the driveway practically right next to him, he was too busy having his nose in the grass to acknowledge me. Not until I unloaded the feed bag did he pop up his nose!

All the weight I’ve not been able to get back on him these last 8 months, has been put back on in two weeks. Amazing how much grass does for a horse! Cutting his feed back to half, and we’ll see if grass maintains the weight now.

While I was there *S* horse and him shared the run-in shed. BG is still at the bottom of the pecking order but he is getting shade time and that is important. He is also swimming in the pond as evident by the mud that was caked all over him.! LOL!

He seemed more at peace and happy. This place will be good for him.

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