Z is HOME!

Z came home yesterday! Yeah! It was an exciting day but also a long one hence why I’m filling you in a day late.

The trainer, RH, had her saddled and ready to go. He immediately put me up on her and I rode her at a walk in the roundpen. I experimented some with the reins and leg pressure, asked him some questions about how he has been working her. Yes, I could have done more but this was a huge step for me and wow! it was great!

As Molly and I shared in comparing notes later, she felt really solid underneath, no jig like you may find in green or nervous horses. She was very sweet and attentive to me. When Molly rode her (at walk and trot) and I could watch, she did even better. Probably because Molly was far more assertive and let’s go then I was!

RH and I did discuss that she could easily be a horse that was turned *sour* because she gets very frozen and blocked when she is uncertain about doing a new request that is challenging. IMO these horses when pushed too far and too fast, will become sulky by not moving and then, once the tension has built up, explode.

I can work slow (lol!) so that I don’t think will be a big issue for us. RH wanted to make sure though that I progressed her in baby steps and that has been my plan all along.

She loaded right up on the trailer, eager to go methinks. We took her to Molly’s place where she will stay for about 10 days before moving to the boarding stable I’ve selected for her. She’s lost some weight but that will be quickly corrected.

While I appreciate everything the trainer has done, I just felt a lot of relief to get her home. Today, I need to study for an exam and have class, so tomorrow, I’ll spend the morning with her and hopefully ride her again!

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