riding Z

Yesterday, I did go out to visit Z and rode her at a walk with Molly babysitting me. Riding Z has been a huge leap of faith for him. I try not to worry too much about the future when I don’t have Molly babysitting me. I’ll deal with it one way or another.

I ended up having a contremps getting off which was both humilating and painful – not due to Z’s behavior which was stellar, but catching myself halfway down with my bra hooked on the western saddle horn and my right calf clenching into a huge Charley horse. I was hanging half on and off with no ability to move.

What I haven’t posted about is that two months ago I hurt my shoulder. I’m guessing that I pulled a muscle and thought with some rest it would be okay. Then the last day of the spring semester, I made the mistake of thinking I could toss my heavy bookbag over the seat with my right arm – MISTAKE! as I then pulled a muscle in my bicep due to the compromised shoulder muscle.

The pain was intense, I ended up sitting paralyzed in the car for five minutes. I have a high pain tolerance and gave birth to two children without drugs. I state this to give you an idea of how much pain we are talking about.

Now 6 weeks later, I still can only use my right side for the most neligible of functions – getting dressed has to be done with the assistance of husband because I can’t lift my right arm higher then my chin. This sucks.

I’m just going to inch along, making some very slow progress at this point. And I’ll try not to humilate myself again.

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