“She’s not like other people’s grandmothers….” Reuben Starkadder, Cold Comfort Farm

Over the course of my ownership of Z, it’s been hard to convince people about her personality. Memorably, was the time I was in the Carolyn Resnick online clinic and I was told that I couldn’t influence her because I didn’t know how to use my energy…. ROFLMAO!

What is really hilarious about that was later Carolyns’ video of her young colt who is pestering her, is suddenly cut and then re-started in a completely different pose with the horse suddenly not bugging her anymore. I guess energy has to happen off the video… ROFLMAO!

Well, you can try to convince people or just shrug and go on with your day. Nowadays because I don’t have the energy to be angry or the time, I do the second.

However, I have to take some satisfaction in being proved correct. Molly has integrated Z into her herd and the resulting behavior has shown her the entire dimesion of my Strong Minded Filly. Molly tried plenty of energy to get Z to move off and no matter that she used the lead rope on her butt or a flung bucket, Z’s ‘tude was only a resulting eyebrow raise (figuratively speaking). She ended up using the whip and even that had to be quite firm to get her to amble off with a “hmm I guess I’ll come back to you later” look.

What it boils down to is that Z tests. You are new to her – she’ll test you. If you are new to her – she will attempt to intimidate and dominate you. While you work with her – she will continue to see if she can edge past your boundaries and take the upper hand. She is a relentess machine.

This IS THIS HORSE and it is not about my lack of energy (I have plenty of well defined energy) but to the type of personality this horse is. To deny it, or to state that I don’t know how to bring up appropriate amounts of Chi, is to talk nonsense.

But hey, if you think you can use your mental powers, feel free to contact me and you can work her in the roundpen after you sign a liability waiver.

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