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slow improvements builds consistency

Here’s a recap of what Z and I are up too and how far along we have progressed. We start with about 10 minutes of lunging at walk and trot to warm her body muscles before we do stretching. This … Continue reading

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Heavy Cloud

He prayed to the sky, but he prayed in vain Heavy cloud, but no rain Sting, Heavy Cloud (no rain) Yesterday and today, Z has developed shying at a certain point in the roundpen. My philosophy about that is if … Continue reading

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head down cue and more exercises

“When I said I was bored, this wasn’t what I had in mind,” Z, before leaving for the trainer. Z had three days off while temps soared in the triple digits. Mostly though I had housework to do this weekend … Continue reading

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it’s all in the grass…

Went out to check on Big Guy at his retirement home and to give him his annual vaccs (which went without a hitch). Weight wise he looks excellent! I also dropped off a 50# bag of Triple Crown Senior only to … Continue reading

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lovely work

Z gave me some really lovely lunge work. Very relaxed and moving freely. Added Walk-Trot-Walk transitions as the goal is to keep relaxation and train it on the lunge and then move it to under saddle work. I was just … Continue reading

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