baby steps

Rode Z Saturday for the first time at the new place. For some reason she decided she forgot how to walk! Today, I decided she would walk and we got through the “stickiness” of standing still and doing nothing. We definitely have taken some backward steps in the training but I expect that this week will get us caught up and moving forward again.

The basic routine: lungework under dressage saddle with walk and trot. Spiral in’s and outs on the circle, and will add in some shoulder in later.

Next, once she is warmed up, we do our carrot stretches, nose stretch, nose between knees, side to side, and side tail pull for the hindquarters as well as a few belly lifts.

Right now I’m still using Molly’s Western saddle but I hope to be back to my own dressage saddle by the end of July. I do my walk-riding in it and once the chiro visits and the walking is all smooth, I’ll add in the trot under saddle. Mostly because of myself and not Z.

Some additional things I’ll be doing is the target stick touching and getting her to stretch more forward at trot. Under saddle we are also using some of Mark Russell’s Lightness exercises to get her to stretch forward and slightly down.

I’ve also ordered Peggy Cummings book Connected Groundwork and her specialized halter with lines so I can start doing those bending exercises also.

If it wasn’t so hot I’d do more but really, this is about as much as I can do considering we are over 103 every day.

BTW she has melded into the new group without a hitch! She has a Palomino Paint mare that she now shares her paddock with and they are quiet friendly and peaceable together! Far less controversy then she had with Dee and Big Guy.

The only worrisome thing is she has lost a lot of weight and lost some weight again when she moved to the new place. I’m putting together some flax seed supplement mix for her and the vet needs to come out next week and do her teeth.

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