lovely work

Z gave me some really lovely lunge work. Very relaxed and moving freely. Added Walk-Trot-Walk transitions as the goal is to keep relaxation and train it on the lunge and then move it to under saddle work. I was just so pleased with her work.

Today was the first day I’ve ridden without someone close by. I was able to get the Western saddle on, despite my injured arm. I just need to be careful and Z has to be patient (which she is).

This riding isn’t much. It’s about getting comfortable with her and mostly walk work. It certainly nothing to get excited about except that I am inching my way through and developing confidence to do more.

At least it was only in the mid-90’s today and a good breeze blew up when I finished (of course!).

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2 Responses to lovely work

  1. Some is still better than none, right? I need to go toss Doodle up on one of my horses soon. Maybe today.

    • horseideology says:

      Go for it!
      Progress is inchworming along but it’s the little bits that will add up to great stuff. I can’t imagine where she will be one year from now!

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