head down cue and more exercises

“When I said I was bored, this wasn’t what I had in mind,”
Z, before leaving for the trainer.

Z had three days off while temps soared in the triple digits. Mostly though I had housework to do this weekend that needed to be done.

Today we worked on the head down cue on the lungeline. I’ve misplaced my clickers during the move, so I just used a tongue click. Boy, did she catch on fast!

Once we moved to the saddle though, there was some rushing about at trot, so I needed to remind her to slow it down and concentrate, but she soon quieted and started her head down cue.

Have added Peggy Cummings exercises: cheek press, cheek delienation, shoulder delienation and jaw rest. Just playing around with it and Z is already showing she likes these type of exercises. They seem to relax her.

Did do some riding at walk, even with the farrier in the barn and horses being moved as a distraction. Yeah me!

She is slowly gaining back her lost weight and is looking pretty good now – just a bit more on the topline is needed.

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