Heavy Cloud

He prayed to the sky, but he prayed in vain
Heavy cloud, but no rain

Sting, Heavy Cloud (no rain)

Yesterday and today, Z has developed shying at a certain point in the roundpen. My philosophy about that is if you have any energy to shy, run off, and buck, then you can have your work load doubled. This irks me but horses test so I need to step up to the plate and make sure that she keeps working.

We have moved on to asking for relaxed movement under saddle while under the lunge. Adding in some of my favorite exercises for building the horse – spiraling in and out on the circle, and walk-trot transitions. However, it continues to be a problem connecting relaxed-and-down work with the longitudal work such as bending and moving the hip over.

She is scheduled for the chiro work on Saturday morning so hopefully that will improve her bend. I’m already seeing improvement with her stretches.

Weather continues to be in triple digits and everyone is complaining. Half the state is in drought, gardens are dying, and people are getting heat stroke. It limits my interest in being outside, but we are getting our sessions in, though not as detailed as I would like. 106 today with heat index.

At least it makes for the perfect conditions to train for bathing – Z is now standing completely still to be hosed off… I wonder why! LOL!

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