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halting without pressure

After a lousy start to the day, I had the best ride on Z. A light must have gone off in her head because she finally realized and started providing it to me quickly, that when I vibrate the inside … Continue reading

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baby steps

Rode Z Saturday for the first time at the new place. For some reason she decided she forgot how to walk! Today, I decided she would walk and we got through the “stickiness” of standing still and doing nothing. We … Continue reading

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Z is home-home

Z is now at the new place which will be her home now. It’s only (15 miles) about 20 minutes from my home with a roundpen and a large flat rectangular pasture I can work her in. Totally exhausted again … Continue reading

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Lessons in Lightness

I’ve mentioned Mark Russell (Lessons in Lightness) a few times so thought I’d expound a bit more. I have his book; Molly attended one of his clinics. Russell’s philosophy may not be as common as those teaching dressage with German … Continue reading

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