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Z’s training update

I had posted a shortlist of what I would be working on with Z. She is now going calmly at walk and trot under the saddle. I think the rushing was due to the roundpen work she received when she … Continue reading

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Z has always been reluctant to canter. Even when she came to me at about 20 months old she didn’t canter much in the pastures, but preferred trotting. It’s interesting that Dear One and Big Guy much preferred cantering over trotting. … Continue reading

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peace of mind

This is the first weekend w/o hubby as he has managed to come home every weekend until now,  a month after starting his new job. Instead, he is off doing a meditation retreat at Molly’s new place of 40 acres … Continue reading

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little worksheet for z

So I slacked off in August in working Z. The weather was horrible and I can no longer function in the triple digit heat and high humidity. Both of us ended up getting heat sick numerous times this summer and … Continue reading

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reality setting in

Moving Pandora gave me a small jolt. It is starting to become reality that yes, indeed, we will be moving. It may take a year or even two, but eventually all of us, belongings, and animals will be in SGF. It’s … Continue reading

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