blast from the past

I’ve got lots of horse stuff to sort through. Today, I listed some horse supplements that I no longer need now that Dee is back to her owner. Someone I knew faintly from my former life wanted them. She knows a lot of folks that were in my own life during troubled times. I felt no trepidation about discussing it and she brought it up.

ScrewedUpRanch ~ she boarded there at the same time I did. The barn manager treated her far worse then myself but she confirmed that he drove by a horse wrapped in barb wire about 5 times and did nothing. She also updated me that B has let his bottle fed colt, left a stallion, become nothing but trouble. It climbed a fence and went after a neighboring mare that was in heat.

The guy’s an asshole of the first water and I take pleasure in deleting his wrongly placed Craigslist ad, and in the fact, I’ve written an honest review on Yahoo about the 7 horses who died there due to his passive neglect over 6 months.

KL ~ both agreed she was a Hoarder and Animal Collector; both agreed she sucked us into a friendship that took a lot of effort to get out of. She remembered the slander that KL threw at me on the list (this was over 5 years ago- these people have long memories) and I told her yeah, and I threatened to sue her ass and she suddenly shut up.

KL’s farrier now does her horses and refuses to do KL’s. No surprise there. I was surprised to hear that KL had posted on the horse group that she had let her injured cat drown in it’s own blood because she was too much a coward to take it to the vet. Not surprised that she did it, just surprised she posted about it. But then again, she’s mental so what can you say.

I told her that last I heard KL was hanging with the Parelli crazies, and my visitor nodded sagely and said that was why sane people wouldn’t deal with her any longer. ROFLMAO!!

The K Kids ~ delusional. You don’t take a dirty horse that is mostly white, and who likes to go runaway or rear when she is asked to canter to a breed show. Agreed.

She told me she was trying out the horse that JK took to the show- the one that was a runaway and a rearer and the bitch tried it with her! Because she was an experienced horse woman who ran a professional barn and taught lessons, the horse didn’t get too far – but this was the excellent mount I was supposed to work miracles with! LOL!

The wonder is that I felt no problem discussing events that had marred my heart quite considerably a few years ago. Knowing we are moving out of state frees me from certain obligations to “play nice” or be all Southern Belle, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.

Plain speaking is what I’m best at.

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