reality setting in

Moving Pandora gave me a small jolt. It is starting to become reality that yes, indeed, we will be moving. It may take a year or even two, but eventually all of us, belongings, and animals will be in SGF.

It’s easy to say and think, “oh yeah we’ll be moving and selling the house we’ve lived in for 14 years etc…” but now it’s starting to sink it that it will be happening and we will be leaving the state we’ve resided in now for 20 years.

Not that I’m sad about it. I wish I could still throw everything in a car and just go TODAY! And yes, it’s going to take time and money to get things where they need to be on the schedule of making this happening.

Pony is the first “real” possession that we’ve moved up there that is not transistional. Hubby living with roommates with a bit of extra furniture isn’t really the same sense of permanency as a pony… if you know what I mean.

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