peace of mind

This is the first weekend w/o hubby as he has managed to come home every weekend until now,  a month after starting his new job. Instead, he is off doing a meditation retreat at Molly’s new place of 40 acres with a river and stream – as well as horse feeding duties while Molly and her husband are out of town.

Meanwhile, I got over to the feed store and picked up feed for Big Guy. The mystery over how his current feed bill in no way matches the amount I was buying before – when he was being fed the same amount that he is being fed now continues. Of course I understand why he looks like a pregnant mare now – he’s not working and he has plenty of grass but…. that doesn’t explain the feed purchase record.

So I guess, as much as I am actually shocked to believe this, (I guess I remain naive and trusting about human nature despite all the shanks in my back), the barn owner at FR must have been using MY feed for other purposes. It could not have been a boarder, because my feed was kept in the well house with only one other boarders feed – and that boarder showed up about once every 2-3 months.

I’m fighting fact against what I believe about human nature, as I would never have thought – and still find it hard to do so, that the FR BO was using MY feed either to feed her own horses (located right across the driveway from the wellhouse) or perhaps the never-there boarders horses. Perhaps the kindest thing I can say is that they were feeding my horse more then what I thought…?

Upshot is that Big Guy is thriving. I had a chance to talk to Joe about him this afternoon when I delivered three bags of feed only to find that my barrel was still half full…

Joe told me that Big Guy is so easy to get along with – that he had to slap a huge fly off of him with a bucket and BG just turned around and shrugged his figurative shoulders. He told me that their own warmblood would have freaked out – but I told him that BG knows when you are slapping off flies and when you are slapping for punishment. Killing horse flies is appreciated. Punishment not so much.

It is no joke that the peace of mind I can have over BG’s location – which is not too far away, and taking care of him in the manner I would expect (such as separately feeding him) – as well as the new home for Pandora where she will be looked after by someone that is experienced – and both of them ARE AFFORDABLE… has lifted a HUGE burden off my shoulders.

Now I just wish I could find the same for Z and I would be able to sleep better at night.

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  1. I know the heartache and drama of boarding. It’s why my husband was so adamant we have our horses at home instead of boarded out (minus the “borrowing” from my landlord to do a bit of natural mowing for him off and on in the summer).

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