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teaching shoulder in (part one)

Before I begin this post, a disclaimer: most of the horses I’ve worked with were trained by others. My work with them was more about training out the bad, reinforcing the good, and refining the overall performance. With Z, that … Continue reading

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asking with less, getting more

In my last post, I mentioned that in training Z for turns that we needed to be asking with less, and getting more. I was asked what that meant and/or how I would apply it in this circumstance. It’s raining … Continue reading

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Z and Rugby Guy’s photo session

Hm well I’m not loving this new camera…. I had the same brand but different model and it performed a heck of a lot better then this one did today. Guess it’s a good thing that I was going to … Continue reading

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Z continues her whining

Z had another whiney day of bunnyhopping added with a lot of pinned ears. However, the storm blew over rather quickly (within 10 minutes or less) with Rugby Guy’s patience. She was pretty relaxed near the end but instead of finishing … Continue reading

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Don’t talk so loud! I’m sleeping…

Someone once told me that I didn’t have enough *energy* (translate: weak will) to move Z about. ROFLMAO! That has been a funny story ever since and I often like to refer back to it in sarcastic *cough* commentary during my sessions … Continue reading

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