more interviews

I had planned on having someone hired by now to help me with Z. However, the young lady I had selected didn’t seem to really gel with Big Guy when she rode him and I had my doubts she would be able to work with Z; she also backed out so problem solved.

I’ve been advertising again and got stalled out on interviewing people last week when I was so eyeball deep in house improvement. Last night though I got to do a phone interview with one lady, and got to meet another today for an in-person interview and then talked on the phone with a guy who most likely will be the one I hire.

The lady I did the phone interview with has loads of experience but will be unsuitable for this work. For those seeking a horse job I’d like to point out why:

1.) She spent 40 minutes jabbering away about her previous work which sucked, and people who ripped her off or did her wrong. She rattled off about 10 different names of track trainers who meant nothing to me as I don’t race TB’s and wouldn’t even if I had the money to do as I have moral differences with the industry.

2.) She obviously has her own opinions about training and if I was sending Z to her, I might have wanted to hear them. As it was I stated clearly in the ad I was looking for someone who could follow direction; it was clear from the conversation this would be an issue for her as she feels she knows best.

3.) She broke her leg in Jan. due to a horse riding accident and as far as I know hasn’t been back on a horse, though she owns several. I don’t really want to deal with someone coming back from an accident – that is a big task as I know.

This morning I met up with another potential rider. The ad specifically stated you had to be in height-weight ratio and she is not. Well, I showed her Z and hung out a while talking but that is a clear no. If I wanted a big fat butt in the saddle on my 14.2 horse then I would just put my own big fat butt there. The point is I am looking for a thinner rider for a reason.

I had been missing connection with my potential guy rider and was able to get some time to talk with him today. He has been riding for his dad who is working a group of QH and roping prospects for a farm of show horses (the owners will be gone for two weeks to go to Congress which shows that these are moneyed people and horses).

He admitted that his dad has him ride the young ones because he said young people bounce better then old folks. Which I completely agree with! LOL! Yes, young man that is why you are going to ride my young filly and get her further along in her training vs. why I am going to do so. 😀

He actually sounds like he might work. The only question is will he be willing to take direction from a woman and will he have a soft enough approach to Z’s work? That will only be shown once I see the two together.

I meet up with him on Thursday and hope he works out because I am ready to get Z going further along.

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