we have a winner!

Today, I met with the young man (hereafter referred to as the Rugby Player to protect privacy of him and me in this blog) and I’m very hopeful he will work out!

Let me just say that when I was in highschool, boys were scrawny! I am totally thrown for a loup to see these highschool “men” who have bulging muscles and trim stomachs. Good thing I am not a cougar or I would be hanging out at the highschools for sure.

The Rugby Player naturally plays rugby and football, the first he thinks is more dangerous then riding horses! Physically, he is a bit taller then me so overall bodywise a good fit for little Z (who he says is the smallest horse he has ridden).

The other guy I had interviewed a while back was just dumb. Sorry, but no way to put it. The Rugby Player seems to have some brains – not like I’m looking for a Rocket Scientist, but the person has to put 2+2 together and follow directions while also processing the lessons for Z so we aren’t repeating ourselves a lot.

While we talked, I did work Z who was lazy on the lunge w/o saddle, and a bit more animated with saddle. The Rugby Player also rode her a bit and the only thing we will need to work on is his hands. Like most riders, he uses his hands too much. So having written that, my only concern would be relaxing the hands and letting Z come into her own state of mind without trying to force it.

Now, I wonder how I’m going to explain my whacko theories to him about staying relaxed and letting the horse move off without interference, adding direction only after we get locomotion?

Well, stay tuned as he starts next week… boy, I think Z will be a changed horse in 12 weeks!


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