Don’t talk so loud! I’m sleeping…

Someone once told me that I didn’t have enough *energy* (translate: weak will) to move Z about. ROFLMAO! That has been a funny story ever since and I often like to refer back to it in sarcastic *cough* commentary during my sessions with Z.

This is the same trainer who has a video out on Youtube with her dominant colt – when the horse gets pushy, the video cuts, and comes back – obviously edited in time. Suddenly the horse isn’t pushy. Hm wonder what happened during those hours of non-filming? Guess she used her *energy* but we couldn’t see it – it would burn your eyes out!

Last Friday, Z wanted to bunnyhop and crowhop and whine about how hard it was to go into trot with a rider on her back.

Today she didn’t MOVE. Rugby Guy gave it all he had and was just flabbergasted she kept her ground – at one point falling asleep while he kicked away.

I told him, “not using enough energy there? LOL!” I handed him my long black dressage whip and showed him how to use it. He replied, “oh I don’t use whips on my horses; I feel kinda sad about using it.”

“Well you can keep hitting and kicking and flopping about up there or get her to move. After a tap or too (and response) she will get the point and you won’t have to use it at all.”

He waved it about and Z yawned and went back to dozing. He said he should bring his rope out and twirl it about over head, which he preceeded to do with the whip. Z’s head came up about 6 inches and she said, “Cut it out Rugby Guy, I’m losing precious naptime!” and went back to sleep.

After my encouragement, that no Z would not be ruined for life and yes, he could tap her, he gave her a feather like tap. *Snore* Then a bit more. *ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz* and then a more firm tap which woke her up enough she cocked a hind foot. ROFLMAO!!

Sorry, but I really couldn’t help but laugh about it. I shouted from ringside, “welcome to my world!”

Another tap got her going and she decided that he was serious. I think he ended up taping her once or twice more but mostly held the whip, tail up, in front of his lap most of the time.

Yeppers. Just use your *energy* and these types of horses will get the point. If they don’t, you are a failure and a loser of a horse person. ROFLMAO!!

It would crack me up to see this lady try to train Z but she is too far away to attempt it and besides I wouldn’t waste good money watching my horse catch a good cat nap in the sun while she danced around her, trying to mesmerize Z (if the damn horse would open her eyes) with training chi.

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