Z continues her whining

Z had another whiney day of bunnyhopping added with a lot of pinned ears. However, the storm blew over rather quickly (within 10 minutes or less) with Rugby Guy’s patience. She was pretty relaxed near the end but instead of finishing the day there, I wanted her to continue working in that state before we wrapped up.

Rugby Guy and I had talked about her yesterday. This is the type of horse you bring back from the trainer, kick out to pasture for a year or two, and then when you bring her back to work she tries to kill you!

I can’t stress enough how important it is that she is worked consistently at this stage and learns to let go this resentment over being ridden. There are some horses you could kick out to the field and they would retain it, and come back willingly to work – this is NOT that horse! LOL!

I really do think that within 30 days or less we will have a huge breakthrough with her and she will turn the corner on this bratty behavior.

One odd little thing for the last two days is that her bends have gotten 100 percent better. I hesitate to write it but I wonder if this was due to some of the Connected work I did this last weekend? As that has been the only change, and the Cheek Press definitely got a release when I applied it on Saturday. hmmmmm

I generally work Z a bit before Rugby Guy shows up so tomorrow after our light lunging and liberty work, I will do more Connected Groundwork and see what happens.

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