Z is still down and out and maybe worse. I think we’ve pieced together what happened.

About 4 days before I noticed that she was sore (w/ no physical cuts), the big gelding she is kept with had a split on his poll/forehead area that had to be stitched. It now seems like Z must have gotten massively kicked in the front of her chest as she is now puffy and very sore to be touched there. So 2+2 = 4.

Probably some fracas broke out and both really got into punishing the other, and we already know that Z does NOT back down – even if she is only 14.2 and the other is 17 hands.

Got a call into the vet but for now she’s on Bute and we’ll see what Dr. Cowgirl recommends. May be up to two weeks off from work which will take us to the week off I had already planned for her during Thanksgiving 😦

Luckily, Rugby Guy has work with the Barn Owner, riding her two horses, and starting her colt. But it just bums me out and makes me feel bad for Z too.

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1 Response to SORE!

  1. Don’t they always do this when we least expect it? There is just no telling when our ponies will find trouble! Naughty Z!

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