Z update

When Dr. Cowgirl arrived, she confided to me that when she got my call Friday, she was very concerned. It turns out that Pigeon Fever is making a comeback in my area and the chest puffiness I had described in Z’s chest might have been that. She would have put Z on antibiotics if that had been the diagnosis.

Thankfully, it was not. The swelling has gone done to the point that Z was totally comfortable with us touching her on her shoulder and chest. The bump I had noticed on her left shoulder was gone. And of course there were the signs of biting under her mane, near her wither Of course the cut that had been treated on the other horse she shares the paddock with as further evidence that some sort of confrontation had caused the soreness.

If it was Pigeon Fever it would not have gone away but continued to develop. Just in case though I’m going to keep a close eye on her and if it comes back call Dr. Cowgirl immediately.

Lots of needed rain here has turned the driveway to the barn to mud.

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