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Preparing for the bit with mouthwork (TTouch)

I do plan on introducing a bit to Z. I might have gone completely bridleless if I was 17 years old riding bareback at a gallop over open pasture but those days were never mine and I like more security … Continue reading

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Connected: chin rest

The week has continued with fantastic weather so I’ve gotten out to Z every day this week to continue our Connected Groundwork (Peggy Cummings) sessions. One of the Connected exercises I had written about before is Chin Rest. You take … Continue reading

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Review: Connected Groundwork book

This first book entry into Peggy Cummings Connected Groundwork/Riding method has TONS of good information in it. The information is definitely valuable and of good use. I highly recommend checking it out because Cummings does a good job (in the … Continue reading

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Productive pain (bodywork)

I’ve been playing around with Peggy Cummings Connected Groundwork using her book. I’ve posted about this before and want to give you an update. Generally, I try it out while hubby has the book so he can review my technique and … Continue reading

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Barn design: More horses need a parallel stall arrangement

Reader and blogger, Oregon Sunshine, has posted some comments about the barn layout and thinking it over, there are some good points to be learned that I would like to pass along to you in this post. If I was … Continue reading

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Barn design: Loads of manure

“I’m the Butler. I like to keep things tidy.” ~ Wadsworth, Clue (the movie). So the not-so-funny thing about poop is that when the weather is good, horses are out in their pastures/paddocks and the stalls aren’t pooped in much. … Continue reading

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Barn design: My L-shaped dream barn

I had posted previously that I would most likely go with an L-shaped barn. Here is a to-scale plan and some thoughts on it: TACK ROOM: The 8′ x 16′ tack room is the north/NW wall. Those corner walls will be heavily … Continue reading

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