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The Heart of a Horse

When we were at FR, the BO’s young daughter told me I was funny because I usually held a two way, verbal discussion between myself and the horse. That is just one of my little oddities that I do for … Continue reading

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Z: Week Two “baby is growing up”

I haven’t written too much about it, but there have been moments of real despair when I’ve thought that Z would never make a riding horse. That may sound bizarre but I, like Hempfling, think there are some horses – … Continue reading

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Equipment I use (and why and when)

I’m a bit late posting this but life has gotten a hold of me this week. Halter: I prefer a traditional halter. I use a halter in my leading exercises and obviously to do work around the horse such as … Continue reading

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Equipment Explanations

Rugby Player, the young man I’ve convinced to be the cannon fodder (i.e. ride Z) comes from a Cowboy background. That is okay because he is willing to do it my way even though he would, personally and left to … Continue reading

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Z: Week One

My plan last fall was to put a solid 90 days on Z. That didn’t seem to happen. Weather, holidays and Z being kicked to soreness threw a Monkey Wrench into my Grand Plan. With the new year, it’s time … Continue reading

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