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Z Week Five: Conflict leads to Resistance

Overall, a poor week. Z seemed to be going backwards with more resistance and I can’t say I’m happy about it. Actually, I can write that I am very unhappy about it and spent some time talking it over with … Continue reading

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Choosing a stable for you and your horse

Choosing a stable seems to be a pretty obvious endeavor but I’d like to¬†give my two cents. No stable will be perfect. And no stable will fit all your needs. You’ll have to give up some things to get others … Continue reading

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Masterson Method: Scapula, Withers and High End

Masterson focuses on three prime areas of the horses anatomy – 1.) The poll/atlas which I shared in the previous blog post; the wither/shoulder area, and the sacral/pelvis area. These are matrix areas where the skeleton has alot of movement … Continue reading

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Masterson Method: The head, poll and neck

Masterson keeps the horse relaxed by not pushing or using a lot of pressure in his techniques in order to prevent bracing and encourage relaxation. This synchs with what I’ve been thinking for the last four years which a horse … Continue reading

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Intro to Masterson Method bodywork for horses

I’ll be posting a lot about this, in pieces, over the next week or so. I’d recommend buying the book/dvd package as, for the price ($57.65), you are getting a LOT! For example, a horse riding lesson easily runs between … Continue reading

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