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Z Week Five: Conflict leads to Resistance

Overall, a poor week. Z seemed to be going backwards with more resistance and I can’t say I’m happy about it. Actually, I can write that I am very unhappy about it and spent some time talking it over with … Continue reading

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Choosing a stable for you and your horse

Choosing a stable seems to be a pretty obvious endeavor but I’d like to give my two cents. No stable will be perfect. And no stable will fit all your needs. You’ll have to give up some things to get others … Continue reading

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Masterson Method: Scapula, Withers and High End

Masterson focuses on three prime areas of the horses anatomy – 1.) The poll/atlas which I shared in the previous blog post; the wither/shoulder area, and the sacral/pelvis area. These are matrix areas where the skeleton has alot of movement … Continue reading

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Masterson Method: The head, poll and neck

Masterson keeps the horse relaxed by not pushing or using a lot of pressure in his techniques in order to prevent bracing and encourage relaxation. This synchs with what I’ve been thinking for the last four years which a horse … Continue reading

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Intro to Masterson Method bodywork for horses

I’ll be posting a lot about this, in pieces, over the next week or so. I’d recommend buying the book/dvd package as, for the price ($57.65), you are getting a LOT! For example, a horse riding lesson easily runs between … Continue reading

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Puzzle Pieces

I ordered Masterson Method  video/book combo. I don’t remember where I heard about his bodywork for horses – probably some Youtube videos which blew me away. As my regular readers know, I’m a cynical hmmm *person*. I’m a scoffer with … Continue reading

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Z: Week Four, Seesaw progress

I’m now one third of the way through the 12 week program I am putting Z through with my rider, Rugby Guy. You’ll often find that when you correct one problem with your horse they go the opposite extreme. This … Continue reading

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