Z learns more

We got some more rain, enough to make a few puddles.

Since we’ve added canter, Z has now taken that as a license to use speed in order to do what she wants. I consider this another evasion since she is giving it when not asked and then being a bit out of control when it is given.

I’m not surprised we’ve slid back a bit since this canter is all new for her. However, I’ve authorized Rugby Guy to have a longer then usual session with her today as we did that also yesterday.

Moods are still very changeable as you can see in these two trotting photos:

I think the canter has cheered her up a bit myself. The first photo all four feet are off the ground.

Have you ever noticed how you will start your workout and all is calm at the barn? In the beginning that is … something about working a horse draws trouble like a magnet! The BO’s husband left with his rattling utility truck right down the drive next to the pasture where RG and Z were working. That caused Z to jump forward into a canter bolt -and that is why RG is riding her as he sat that surprise out 😀

Nowadays, I’ve given up on having the perfect conditions to ride. Forget it. Someone will decided to stack metal sheets onto their truck, load up a horse that is bugling to all his friends and rears rather than get on, or another rider will join in your riding space with an out of control horse that is the barn’s nightmare. ** rolls eyes **

If you waited for things to be perfectly quiet, you’ll never get a chance to ride. Besides your horse is not a delicate flower (well Big Guy is…) so they need to learn with life operating at full speed all around them.

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