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Intuitive Explorations with bodywork

Z and I are continuing to grope about for some sort of mutual understanding. I’ve reduced her actual work sessions to 30 minutes which are a 100 percent, concentrated focus by her and me on simple, but intense, tasks. We’ll be back … Continue reading

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Brena ~ The Minister is a honest, forthright confidant

In the last post, I attributed Brena with the profile of The Modest One – a horse type that is often overlooked because of their outward, good nature, but who has inner depths. Looking at her head profile, face on, … Continue reading

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Brena ~ A Modest One is buried treasure

I’m using Klaus Hempflings ideals in his book What Horses Reveal. However, I don’t purpote to be an expert in this and it is a writing experiment for me. If KFH wants to chime in, he’s welcome anytime 😛 Julian … Continue reading

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The Repeating Spiral of Knowledge

A young monk was sent to meditate alone in a cave. He meditated for ten years, and developed all kinds of mystical powers: he could fly through the air, he could become invisible, he could dip under the earth, and … Continue reading

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Barn design: Raised Center Aisle (RCA) barn frame

I’ve had these photos sitting about for some time but just now got them moved from the old computer to the new. I’ve posted about RCA (raised center aisle barns) before but as a carport. This is a framed out, … Continue reading

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