More on Week Six for Z

My time with Rugby Guy is winding down. He has gotten a confirmed offer for a full-time job so he can pay for an apt with his girlfriend as they both attend school. I think this is great for him and coincides with me needing to move on with Z in a different direction.

Remember a few posts back when I wrote there will never be a perfect time to ride? After RG mounted up on Z, someone pulled in next to the RP with a trailer to get their horse to go trail riding (BTW this was out of the blue and I wonder if that trail ride went without incident since that horse hasn’t been ridden all winter? but not my problem).

Z doesn’t like rattling trucks and trailers. At first she ignored it and then thought WTH? and got a bit excited. RG did great by her and she eventually calmed down without too much show, back to work as the trailer (with horse) rattled off down the drive.

I got on her and she was so tense! This is what she does: freeze and internalize. I wonder if she isn’t more like Beautiful Boy then Red in her way of dealing with stress? But with more brains then BBoy?

I rubbed her neck and shoulders for a while and then she gave a HUGE sigh and snort. She obviously doesn’t know quite what to think about me. We will take it slow but steady.

I wish I had a groundsperson about who could just hang out with us and we could take all the time we needed. Unfortunately, husband is three hours away so I need to just do what I need to do on my own.

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