Pony as symbol and intuition

Since the dream world is powered by the unconscious mind, it must relate meaning to the conscious using images as opposed to words. You will often find archetypes in your dreams because these are power-packed images that our primal minds recognize and ascribe a world of meaning too.

I’ve had two very significant dreams that featured pony as the star. Before I relate them, let me explain that my dream life is very rich. I dream in color and generally the very involved “plots” are tragedies. Almost everything in them has a least one double meaning as a symbol.

About four months after I was fired from the Hell Job, I had this dream. I didn’t mind losing that Hell Job, after all I went to them two weeks before I was fired and begged them to let me go and was told in reply that they loved my work and desperately needed me to stay. I worked there about a year with far too much sacrifice, stress, being tortured by the Monsters, and dealing with the death of Dear One, to regret saying goodbye to it.

It was the manner in which it was done. One of my best friends worked it out, behind my back, with the BO’s that she would have my job. She kept that secret and the day I returned from a forced vacation with my in-laws, the trap was sprung. I was given 24 hours to remove my horses and items immediately.

Of course, Karma bit those Righteous Christians in the ass, because I DID take my stuff! The list filled two full pages of items that I had brought to the barn to keep it running, including garbage cans to store feed within because the rich 1% Christians couldn’t buy any damn cans with their own money! Husband told me how the new barn manager’s mouth gaped when he removed all the nice office furniture!

Charbydis confronted husband while he was loading a flat bed trailer with OUR STUFF, and tried to accuse him of being a thief; Husband invited him to inspect the trailer and see if anything was owned by them. After the inspection, Charybdis got on his golf cart in a big huff and raced away.

ROFLMAO! That story still gives me an obscenely amount of pleasure. Whenever, I feel helpless against outside forces, I take out that little jewel of a story and admire it.

BTW that ex friend who shanked me in the back? She didn’t last three months with the Monsters.


In the dream, I know I have removed all my horses from the Hell Barn property, except one – Pandora. My mission was to sneak onto the property and remove her. As you now know from the backstory, removing our rightful property got us accused of thievery and we were threatened that the police would be called if we ever returned.

Aside ~ as it was, Syclla accused me of stealing a damn paper towel holder  (nope, it was mine and I have the business reciept to prove it)! She spent the next six months nursing that grudge and telling anyone she could about it. Diane, who was still boarding there, thought it was hilarious. At the time I couldn’t see the humor in it but I do now. What dumbasses.

The gravel drive took you by the brick house that served as the offices for the Monsters. I got past that, down the hill, into Pandora’s paddock without being seen by the traffic at the barn. The barn was strangely very active and this was probably an old memory from when we had the sublease with the show barn people.

Pandora has an irritating (lesson-teaching) habit of when you want her to move out the most, she just stops and stands completely still! Moving a pony statue that weighs about 400 pounds isn’t as easy as it seems! LOL! In the dream though she followed me eagerly back up the hill.

We were almost out to freedom when I looked down and saw a large rat with bright red eyes staring at me. It was in a drainage ditch on the side of the road and it was diseased and dying. It begged me to take it with me. I replied that it had to live it’s own life and deal with the consequences of it’s own decisions. Then I fled out the gate with Pandora – both to our freedoms.

I woke up with a vast feeling of relief. I had escaped the Monsters, and I had brought the dearest, inner part of me out of that Hell.


The next dream took place last fall, during all the worry of husband taking his new job and the decision that eventually we will be moving to join him.

Trailering a horse always makes me slightly nervous. Probably because I’ve had horses who did not load easily and they needed to load quickly when I was in situations like leaving the Hell Job. For example, Z had only been with me one week when I had to get her back on a trailer and moved out of there – she had only been on a trailer once in her short life – the trailer which had brought her from Texas to me on a 2 day trip.

In the dream we were trailering Z and Pandora to MO. Husband was driving and hauling them in a two horse trailer. I was behind him, following in our car. As I watched, the trailer broke away on the hitch and it rolled backwards, spinning off to the side, and then flipping.

As a reporter, I’ve been on scene at car wrecks. I’ve seen dead people and animals as a result. And I’ve had the unpleasant memory of seeing a wreck husband and daughter were in – and arriving in time to see daughter being loaded into an ambulance. The power of emotion felt in the past can be suffused into a dream reality. Through dreams we can intensely relieve sensations, emotions, smells and colors in a way that is closed to our conscious mind.

I sprang from the car, racing to the trailer. To the left, Z lay dead. I think the reason she was dead in this dream was because of the memory of Dear One being dead – they are both roan Appaloosa’s but overall different in every other respect.

Using her wily, Pony-Ninja powers, Pandora had survived. I ran to her, hugged her neck and cried hysterically while she stood, indominatable.


I think that last dream were my feelings, both good and bad about the move. Something would have to die, giveway, and be left behind, but the essential core of who I was would make it.

Pandora has been the one, since Dear One’s death, that I’ve felt the closest bond too. We have played and worked together so much, and she is so attuned to me that I feel a deep oneness of her. I enjoy her stubborn and independent attitude, her demanding egotistical ways. And when she comes running to me, I can’t help but get a bit misty eyed while I’m smiling.

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2 Responses to Pony as symbol and intuition

  1. Nice video. Now I have heard you speak and can imagine you talking as you comment. I have a colleague from Tennessee who sounds very similar. Otherwise I read everything with an English accent. I did ask about skype, incidentally, and it was pointed out to me that I don’t have a webcam. Oh well, I’d better look out for one.

    • horseideology says:

      In that video, it’s pretty accurate as to how I talk when I’m happy. Yes, I am more interesting in person haha! Actually, if I am very close to you as a friend, then I come across as more funny and less serious then perhaps I do in blog life.

      If you every do the Skype thing you’ll have to let me know as I only turn it on when I know I’ll be chatting with hubby. It, and unlimited phone time on our cell phones, as well as texting and email, is keeping me relatively sane during this separation. But I make no guarantees that will continue.

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