The Repeating Spiral of Knowledge

A young monk was sent to meditate alone in a cave. He meditated for ten years, and developed all kinds of mystical powers: he could fly through the air, he could become invisible, he could dip under the earth, and so-forth. After ten years he returned to his master.

“Master, see what I have learned.” He proceeded to show the master all of his exotic powers.

The master frowned. “You’ve missed the point. Go back to the cave and start again.”

~ Taoist story

There are several reasons why I keep this blog or journal. I want to hold on to certain memories that as time passes would be easy to forget. I also want to remember teaching experiences I have had with my horses. Every 3-4 months, I swiffer the blog, cleaning up past entries, deleting ones that I feel are too insignificant to keep, checking links and photos etc… and when I have time re-read certain Guide-posts which were turning points.

I’m struck again by the circular path, in and out, through the Labyrinth, where knowledge is slowly accumulated, put into place, forgotten and then re-learned.

Last week, I had a moving experience with Z that I wasn’t ready yet to share with you. However, that experience generated a lot of creative posts about the inner nature of horses, their meanings to us in a spiritual sense, and how we come to grips or not with those lessons.

This Saturday, that moment of magic was lost. I felf myself sliding back into a mindset of NOWWWWW!!!! Z was only interested in chomping green grass and didn’t seem to realize she was supposed to provide magic upon demand like a vending machine.


Why isn’t the path to enlightenment easy???

It’s really, really irritating that it isn’t. <pout>

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3 Responses to The Repeating Spiral of Knowledge

  1. There is both circularity and duality. Especially the latter. Good and bad. Movement and stillness. Progress and regression. The truth is some synthesis. And perhaps both sides of the duality are located on some circle. Without a little stillness it’s frustrating.

    • horseideology says:

      Thank you. Yes.

      I wanted to draw a really neat spiral but my computer skills lack so that is something I’ll have to work on – going down the spiral, reversing and heading back upwards, spiraling down, and even as you say perhaps going opposite directions to meet in the middle.

      I guess the struggle is supposed to enrich the journey… or maybe it’s just to weed out the non-serious 😛

  2. There are so many symbols: spiral, labyrinth, mandala…we are spoiled for choice. But also I come back to the symbology of a trail through hilly terrain in the mist. We don’t see far, make decisions based on partial information, sometimes get a bit lost, and then occasionally the weather clears so we see much and far in bright sunshine. In the mist one can run into a hazard, but one can also miss other dangers that remain hidden.

    I think that the journey does enrich us, yielding insights that the less serious and more timid simply don’t discover. We get more out of life. And then just sometimes we are called to give something back. To some degree I’m in that place now, taking and giving. It feels good just now, even if there have been challenges that I don’t want to post openly about.

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